Rental Trucks

Why use rental trucks? Why not get your own? I get asked this question by nearly everyone. The straightforward answer is: cost. Not the cost to me, or some investor, the cost to you, the customer. Let me explain. First, we are no longer able to rent and drive trucks due to a new PUC law in PA as of 2017. To buy one, the average cost of a decent moving truck is around $60,000. Now that in itself is pretty hefty, but you've got to add on insurance for hefty liability industry. Then all drivers must have CDLs if they're over 24ft(rentals can be up to 26ft with regular license). Then you have to store it, pay for maintenance, hopefully don't break it, and then you can't book two moves in one day. All that overhead cost has to reflect on the price of your move. The solution is simple: rental truck stores are everywhere. You rent and drive the truck, we'll load and unload it wherever you need within our range.



NOTE: There are many mover companies offering to rent and drive moving trucks for moves. Often times, they are operating unlicensed. To be sure, always ask for a PUC and DOT number. 


Please report any violations to the PA PUC Dept 717-783-5011