Hourly Rate

Westmoreland Movers offers an hourly rate of $45/hour for each mover, and a two hour minimum. Most jobs only require two movers, but larger jobs like a three bedroom home or bigger may need three or four.
Unlike other moving companies, there is no extra charge for things like distance to the curb or number of stairs. Our movers work quickly, but safely. Factors like stairs, amount of boxes, distance of the truck to the curb, all factors in to the time it takes to complete the job. Call us today for an accurate quote on time for your move. 

We have the same, if not higher, quality service than many of our competitors. However, with the affordable pricing, ease of service, and the satisfaction of knowing you went with a local company, why go anywhere else? Book with us today and we'll be sure to earn your recommendation to your friends, family, and business contacts!